Wilbur Cross High School

181 Mitchell Drive, New Haven CT 06511
Principal: Edith Johnson

Tel: (475) 220-7400
Fax: (203) 946-6932

WCHS Policies and Procedures

Student/Parent Handbook - This document has been developed to provide students and parents with a summary of important New Haven Board of Education policies and procedures.

English / Spanish

Code of Conduct - The purpose of this document is to provide school personnel, students, and parents with a consistent framework of expected behavior and discipline.

English / Spanish

WCHS Discipline Policy - The cornerstone of Cross’ discipline policy is that each student has the right to learn in an atmosphere free from disruption. It is therefore the responsibility of staff to help create a climate at Cross in which students can mature educationally and emotionally as they gain knowledge, self-control, and self-confidence. Students are also expected to help take responsibility for their successful completion of high school by respecting others’ rights to a safe and comfortable school environment. The following guidelines clarify rules and regulations that are in effect at Cross and in NHPS. The rules and regulations not only apply to student behavior while at Cross, but also extend to any situation that may occur on the way to or from school or at extracurricular activities. During orientation and the first days of school, students will be asked to sign the NHPS orientation documents indicating that they understand what constitutes serious violations of the discipline policy and the consequences for such violations. Any infraction of the following items in the discipline policy will result in a referral and disciplinary action.


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