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Career Portfolio Tasks

If you are a Cross Intern (formerly called "TA") or have signed up to create a Career Portfolio, this list of tasks is for you! (***IMPORTANT: As an intern, you are required to complete the individualized tasks you have picked with your Career Counselor in order to pass your Internship class.)

Additionally, for all students, the Career Portfolio can be turned into your Senior Capstone Project!

If you need help completing these tasks, please visit the College & Career Center:


Located on the first floor in the main hallway - next to the Body Shop

Or by emailing: Jane Kovel (jane.kovel@nhboe.net)

Click here to download the "Career Portfolio Checklist."

Several of these tasks can be completed independently. Click on the links below to complete them! Otherwise, come to the College & Career Center and someone can assist you.

     1. Meet your Career Counselor in the College & Career Center (1st floor, beside the Nurse)

     2. Complete a career interest survey (called "Cluster Finder" in Naviance)

     3. Watch interviews with career leaders (called "RoadTrip Nation" in Naviance):

     4. Attend a Career Day at Wilbur Cross in October (*only for seniors) and/or April (*for the whole school)

     5. Research careers and apply for opportunities

     6. Create a resume

     7. Write a cover letter

     8. Prepare for and perform an interview

     9. Write a thank-you letter

     10. Participate in an internship or career training program (this part of the portfolio is optional)

     11. Check in with your Career Counselor regularly

     12. Complete a reflection for each career experience

     13. Make a personal website