Wilbur Cross High School

181 Mitchell Drive, New Haven CT 06511
Principal: Edith Johnson

Tel: (475) 220-7400
Fax: (203) 946-6932

Academy Structure

Wilbur Cross has four career-themed "academies." These academies exist together as one comprehensive school, and students have numerous ways to interact with one another (such as through athletics and clubs). Within an academy, students are taught by an interdisciplinary team of teachers (English, math, science, social studies, and electives) who share the same group of students for instruction. The teacher team assumes responsibility for student educational progress across their school years, and exercises maximum flexibility and teamwork to act together on the knowledge of students’ needs and personalize learning experiences.

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International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences


Academy Administrator: Ann Brillante


Lead Teacher: Nicole Escarfullery

In the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, students will explore many aspects of digital media including video game design & development, digital media & movie making, 3D modeling and animation, graphic design, photography, music production and engineering.

This academy focuses on interdisciplinary project-based learning and is designed for both students who are newly learning English as well as those who are native English speakers. Through hands-on experiences students will be prepared to participate in an increasingly technological world.

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Business & Fine Arts Academy


Academy Administrator: Marc Potocsky


Lead Teacher: William McKinney

The Business & Fine Arts Academy addresses the interests of creative, independent students who manage their own artistic promotion, finances, and business management. Courses are also designed to support students’ interests in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. This academy will support students who want to shape their creative skills in business and the performing arts, along with those who would like to pursue a career in business after high school.

Special courses in this academy may include introduction to business, accounting, web design, theater, high level visual art courses, and recording arts.


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Health & Culinary Sciences Academy


Academy Administrator: Garfield Pilliner


Lead Teacher: Hector Negron

The Health & Culinary Sciences Academy is an academically rigorous program that will prepare students for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary sciences, sports and alternative medicine, nutrition, culinary arts, and hospitality. Some certificates or certification preparation programs include EMT, CNA, Safe Food Handler, Dental Hygienist, Home Health Aide, Nutrition and Medical Technologies, and Medical Assistant.

Special courses in this academy may include Human Physiology, First Aid & CPR, Nutrition & Weights, Culinary Arts, Food Service Management, and Science & Research.

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Law & Public Service Academy


Academy Administrator: Myrta Bonilla


Lead Teacher: Gloria Riley Rodriguez

The Law & Public Service Academy will prepare students for careers related to fields in law, political science, counseling, psychology, education, public safety, military, criminal justice, and forensic science. These career paths will emphasize skills for a future serving in the public or legal domain.

Special courses in this academy may include Forensic Science, Public Safety, Psychology, Peer Counseling, Debate/Mock Trial, Business Law, Constitutional Law, and Public Speaking.

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