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The mission of Hill Regional Career High School is to prepare all of our students to become productive members of their own community and a global society by providing an educational environment that establishes rigorous standards of academic performance with a focus on health and business. We encourage students to maximize their potential by promoting critical and creative thinking, developing technological competence and fostering respect for a diverse and changing world. These goals are the shared responsibility and commitment of the staff, faculty, students, parents and community.


Students will:

1. Write using Standard English for a variety of purposes and audiences.

2. Read actively and critically for a variety of purposes.

3. Effectively communicate using a variety of methods.

4. Use academic knowledge and information to think critically, problem solve, and make decisions.

5. Select and apply the tools of technology to improve personal and professional productivity.


Students will:

1. Exhibit respect for themselves and others.

2. Develop an awareness of behavior that promotes a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

3. Provide service to the greater community.

4. Demonstrate an appreciation for diverse cultures.

5. Exhibit positive communication and collaboration within the school and regional community.

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