About Barnard

Our Mission

Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School (BESMS), is a ‘no excuses’ educational community whose mission is to ensure that all students are prepared to achieve fully and enroll in and complete college, or pursue other career paths. BESMS’ environmental focus promotes values of respect and concern for humans and nature and encourages students to become active stewards of both. At BESMS, we are committed to integrating our environmental theme with all content subject areas organized around four themes; fresh water, energy, migration and the Long Island Sound.

Our History

Original facility was built 1913.

Named for Henry Barnard (1811-1900):

  • Graduated from Yale University in 1830.
  • Secretary to the new State Commission of Education in 1839.
  • Promoted normal schools, teacher associations, raised pedagogical standards, and extended the school term to a minimum of six months per year.
  • First U.S. Commissioner of Education (1867)
  • Founder/editor of American Journal of Education
  • Served as commissioner in Rhode Island
  • Became President of University of Wisconsin and St. John's College

Green Facility

School Focuses:

  • Fresh Water
  • Energy
  • Migration
  • Long Island Sound

Schoolyard Habitat (Outdoor Classroom)

LEED Gold Certified building (www.usgbc.org)

Solar Panels on roof

2 Classroom greenhouses

Student courtyard gardens allow students to work on and develop themed gardens including spices, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and many others for an outstanding ecosystem on school grounds

Landscaping uses native species to eliminate need for permanent irrigation system

Schoolyard Habitat

Article: http://www.nhregister.com/lifestyle/20140616/new-haven-schools-create-habitats-for-outdoor-learning


LEED Gold Certified building (http://www.usgbc.org/)
Connecticut Green Leaf Schools
U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School
Magnet Schools of America Distinction