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Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School
170 Derby Ave.
New Haven, CT 06511
fax: 203.691.3505


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Welcome to the Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School website, where our students work hard every day gaining valuable hands-on experience in making the world a better place. At Barnard, we strive to foster the growth of future stewards of the earth. Our program is centered on the various different facets of environmental sciences. As students move through the grades, they work on projects centered on what it means to be a steward of the Earth. I invite all of you to browse this wonderful website and experience the wonderful opportunities we provide our students, and find out a little bit about our staff.

Along with various field trips and activities, we also place a heavy emphasis on character development through the expectation that all Barnard students are safe, responsible, respectful and green.

Our school community is constantly evolving. Recently, there has been a renewed development of our courtyard garden; where students have the opportunity to use the valuable skills they learn in the classroom to create a garden that helps emphasize the idea of sustainability. We are beginning to utilize such crops as cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos into our school lunches, which the students thoroughly enjoy! If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, my door is always open, together we can create a school culture and climate that is among the very best in Connecticut. Thank you all for all you do with our children; I look forward to meeting with or talking with all of you.

Mr. Michael Crocco


Welcome Message

At Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School, environmental studies is the connecting web that weaves throughout the curriculum. Overarching environmental units connect the core curriculum to school-wide studies of local rivers, the Atlantic salmon, and Long Island Sound, to name a few. Our many partnerships encourage outdoor educational experiences to learn and explore these themes.

Mission Statement

Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School's mission is to offer a comprehensive education that provides studetns with astrong academic foundation for lifelong learning, caring relationships with others, and a passion for environmental stewardship. Environmental studies integrate the curriculum; engage students through challenging, inquiry-based activities; and inspire a sense of wonder that encourages an active pursuit of a sustainable future.

School Philosophy

Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School believes that all things are interconnected. The school uses an interdisciplinary approach focusing on environmental, thematic units that provide opportunities for cooperative learning and the development of problem solving and creative thinking skills.

Outdoor education is heavily utilized to develop skills that studetns will have for a lifetime. A bridge over Ella Grasso Boulevard leading to our own nature center extends our classrooms to the West River environment where students canoe, conduct field studies, and develop an appreciation for their natural environment. Our students will become environmental stewards for their planet.









2010 2009 or earlier:
Barnard yields approximately 17% of its power from a renewable energy source: solar energy. Check out the link above to see how much money we save!


Barnard Magnet School students have the privlege of going on a number of field trips during the year. These field trips are arranged by our Magnet Resource Teacher, Marjorie Drucker, and extend both our environmental studies theme and our NHPS curriculum.

Check out the field trip schedule!


Students can be regularly seen working in the courtyard on one of Barnard's school gardens. The school produces organically-grown food that is used in cooking lessons with numerous classes; the cafeteria staff will also be using some of the food to add tasty, nutritious options for the students to eat during lunch.

Wild flowers are grown to both beautify the school and sell to parents, staff members, and the community during school open-house events.

Check out the current weather conditions through our own rooftop WeatherBug station - type in zip code 06511 to find Barnard OR just look below: 



Your weather just got better.




Recent Barnard Honors:

Barnard is a 2013 National Green Ribbon School, Magnet School of Distinction, CT Green Leaf School, & PBIS Demonstration Site

Links may be found below Up-Coming Events

Upcoming Events

August (Click here)

Aug. 23 - Orientation @ 10am

Aug. 26 - First day for staff & Orientation @ 6pm

Aug. 28 - First day for students (Grades 1-8)

Aug. 30 - First day for Kindergarten students

September (Click here)

Sept. 2 - No School - Memorial Day

Sept. 3 - First day for Pre-K students

Sept. 5-6 - No School - Rosh Hashanah

Sept. 13 - Yom Kippor holiday

Sept. 18 - Open House @ 5-7pm

October (Click here)

Oct. 7 - Early dismissal @ 1:30pm

Oct. 14 - No School - Columbus Day

Oct. 18 - CHECK IT OUT!!! Lunar eclipse @ 7:51pm

Oct. 31 - Halloween

November (Click here)

Nov. 5 - No School for students (staff report) - Election day - Get out the vote!

Nov. 11 - No School - Veteran's Day

Nov. 13 - Report card conference night @ 5-7pm

Nov. 27 - Early dismissal @ 1:30

Nov. 28-29 - No School - Thanksgiving break

December (Click here)

Dec. 20 - Early dismissal @ 1:30pm

Dec. 23-31 - No School - Holiday break

January (Click here)

Jan. 1 - No School - New Year's Day

Jan. 6 - No School - Three Kings Day

Jan. 20 - No School - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jan. 27 - Early dismissal @ 1:30pm

Jan. 29 - Report card conference night @ 5-7pm

February (Click here)

Feb. 2 - Happy Groundhog Day!!!

Feb. 12 - Lincoln's birthday

Feb. 14 - Early dismissal @ 1:30pm & Valentine's Day

Feb 17-21 - No School Winter Break





2013 Student-Parent Handbook

2013 Orientation Presentation

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